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GRB 1410012000000
OI 1409551200000
CT AoL 1408457137000
CT UoF 1402329231000
Dios (70) 1409452878000
Orichal (70) 1409454971000
Karnal (60) 1409457769000
Secreta (70) 1409458134000
FC Screen closure 1409428800000
Naked PVP 1409504400000
Best ScreenShot! 1410004800000
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Shaiya Tactics PvP server

Shaiya Tactics PvP server

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Play safe. Be safe

Shaiya Tactics team is continuously developing new security measures to improve gameplay experience for all our players. These include DDoS protection, exploit patches and many other fixes. You can be sure your friends will always play fair... and your enemies too!