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GRB 1419688800000
OI 1419231600000
CT AoL 1408457137000
CT UoF 1413109366000
Ares (30) 1417898737000
Karision (70) 1419140823000
Kromm (60) 1419145124000
Denta (70) 1419151518000
New Map! 1418295600000
Xmas Promo! 1419076380000
Pet Contest! 1419192000000
Server update 1419192000000

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Shaiya Tactics PvP server

Shaiya Tactics PvP server

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Play safe. Be safe

Shaiya Tactics team is continuously developing new security measures to improve gameplay experience for all our players. These include DDoS protection, exploit patches and many other fixes. You can be sure your friends will always play fair... and your enemies too!